janice esther
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A Book is a Vitamin

What is a Book?

This project explores the subject of a book. A book is usually known as just a block of paper glued together. In this case, I liken a book to a vitamin.

A vitamin is defined as an organic compound and a vital nutrient that an organism requires in limited amounts. A choice must be made to consume that vitamin. Similarly, someone has to make a decision to read the book that could possibly nourish your soul. There are many vitamins and books around and one has to select which the body/soul/mind needs or wants. One also has to set aside time and remember to consume the vitamin/book. Nothing happens if the item is not consumed. The book has to be read. In the consumption of this vitamin/book, there is a breaking down of the pill, or content. The pill disintegrates, dissolves and is absorbed by the body. The content of the book also needs to be broken down, deconstructed and understood by the reader. The contents of the pill then scatter to other parts of the body. Information from books could be stored into the brain or possibly disappear over a long period of time. In the dissipation, vitamin is absorbed and the mind is fed and nourished.

The size of this book is made to the vitamin box, small and handy. This book shows the process a vitamins go, from the shelf to us. It also parallels that of reading a book. The book is sectioned into the four steps processes, which is to select, consume, deconstruct and dissipate as mentioned earlier. It starts off with “synopses” of various vitamins, with catchphrases that tries to grab the viewer’s attention. Various pages show the beauty of a dissolved pill as it is broken down by the figurative digestion system made by the marbling effect and water. The remains of this action are then absorbed by paper, reflecting the absorbing and scattering by the body till the substance disappears.