janice esther

Slowly but Surely

Typographic Installation
In collaboration with Lee Yu Hui & Valerie Chua. 
"任何事情的开始和完成都需要时间循序渐进,不可能有完美的速成法'.  - Mencuis

The quote above expresses the requirement of patience and time to complete any kind of task. Hence, highlighting that there
are no shortcuts to success. Inspired by the quote above, the typographic installation seeks to express this with the common idiom "Slowly but Surely".

The first part of the idiom "SLOWLY BUT" grows out of the bridge slowly and the number of layers of cardboard per letter increases reflecting the slow but definite growth of one's progress. "SURELY" remains constant in the number of layers, expressing the completion and stability of the outcome. Placed separately, this was specifically for those who used the stairs who would immediately view the entire text upon reaching the second floor. This further adds to the idea that there are no shortcuts (in this case, taking the lift) to finishing a task.